New Year’s Manifestations

New Year’s Resolutions are out…. New Year’s Manifestations are in

“I am going to eat healthier.”
“I am joining a gym.”
“I am going to quit smoking.”
“I am going to take up a new hobby.”

How many of these resolutions have you heard before or perhaps even said out loud yourself? The notion to improve our lives, set goals and learn from our past mistakes all sounds great when we convince ourselves that this is what we are setting out to do and we mean it this time. Why is it then that oftentimes people abandon their goals shortly after the new year starts? Why do resolutions fail when we start them with good intention? People have their own reasons, excuses or circumstances why their resolutions don’t take flight. One thing that researchers have determined is that the reason why resolutions may not be achieved is due to the unnecessary pressure that an individual may put on themselves. If things do not work out as it was planned, we may beat ourselves up for not being able to achieve the desired outcome; hence, appearing that we failed.

This year, instead of focusing on pushing yourself to reach that desired New Year’s resolution, manifest it! Get out a piece of paper and write down all of the things you want to happen instead of writing down a list of things that you need to do in order to achieve a certain outcome. Manifestation works off of realistic expectations and positive energy vs. the part where you punish yourself. Every positive step that you take will bring you closer to your own individual goal. Patience is key! Success does not appear overnight; it takes time, hard work, patience, effort and a positive outlook to reap the rewards (just ask Diego and Danielle). Keep in mind that all good things take time and do not be discouraged if a goal or that want takes a little longer than you might have expected it to take. Believe in yourself; focus on the positive; visualize, give it to the universe, stay humble and grateful! As long as you are working toward bringing about positive changes in your life and in your world, you are already succeeding!

“If you have a positive frame of mind, you can manifest positive things in your life.”
~ Alesha Dixon