Travelers in the News: Carmen Wilson – Surgical Technician

How long have you been on assignment with Access Healthcare?
I can proudly say that I’ve been on continuous assignments with Access Healthcare since August 2020!

How did you first find out about the company and why did you choose Access Healthcare as your agency? Allow me to start with the second question first, Access Healthcare was Divinely chosen for me… my very first Access Healthcare assignment came as a result of integrity, compassion, and conversation mixed with some laughs because when the need for a Surgical Technician became available, Danielle just “happened” to know the manager of the OR and I just “happened” to know the OR director and “somehow” in less than 3 weeks, I was working for Access Healthcare, that’s how Access came into my life and my desire to want to work for such an outstanding healthcare agency. Everything and I do mean everything “fit” perfectly in place for me!

Have you always been a travel Surgical Technician?
Not always, I’ve had staff positions over the years… however I’ve had the wonderful blessing to safely and successfully accept various travel assignments since 1994. I’ve been fortunate to have “scrubbed” cases that today are a part of evidenced-based landmark research papers, as well as, “scrub” cases that included politicians, celebrities, and athletes that came as a result of being a traveling Surgical Technician. I am esteemed to have that as part of my experience, knowledge, and education… I know that I am far more than “just a tech.”

As a former staff Surgical Technician, where did you work and why did you choose to travel? I’ve held both staff and travel assignments simultaneously because travel allows for the freedom of scheduling and having a staff position kept me close to my community. For instance, having worked at the VA hospital in Philly taught me to value even greater those that served our country, and then working at Nemours Hospital formally A.I. duPont Hospital for Children taught me that strength and courage come at that youngest age imagined, and to combine these and more in my experience as a traveling Surgical Tech conditioned me to meet any challenge wherever my assignment shall take me learning something everywhere I go.

What are some of the locations that you have traveled to as a Surgical Technician and do you have any favorite cities to work in? My travel assignments as a Surgical Technician have been in the Tri-State area of NJ, MD, PA, and DE. I do not have any “favorite cities” just great experiences!

When you have some down time, how do you utilize it? I utilize some of my “down-time” doing various types of grief work as a Chaplain in my community. I also enjoy reading, watching cartoons, listening to music, and long relaxing drives.

What is the best thing about being a Surgical Technician? For me, the best thing about being a Surgical Technician is knowing that I have a rewarding opportunity to provide exceptional care where dependability, teamwork and a desire to teach the next generation will always be in demand as medical advances in technology and skill require staying up to date in the world of Surgical Technology.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share why I enjoy what I do as a Traveling Surgical Technician.