Nurses in the News: Mary Roach, R.N. – ICU, CVICU/CCU

How long have you been on assignment with Access Healthcare? 2 years

How did you first find out about the company and why did you choose Access Healthcare as your agency? I was working with Danielle and Diego at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, NJ when they started the company. They would be talking about it while we were all working together and I watched them grow the company over the years. When I started traveling, Access hadn’t started as a company yet. I was on assignment through another agency and I told Danielle and Diego that I’ll come on board with you. Nurses should be supporting each other.

What is the best thing about being a nurse? I think it is an honor to be able to take care of someone that is in a vulnerable state. Most of my patients didn’t know that they were going to wind up in the hospital. You are actually helping people change their lives and educate them about what is going on. To have the knowledge and be able to share it with others is amazing. I love what I do. It’s work but it’s something that I come home and tell my kids about my patients all the time. They pray for them. It is an honor for me.

What are some of the locations that you have traveled to as a nurse? Any favorite cities? I pretty much stay in New Jersey (Jersey City, Newark, Cherry Hill). I really love it at Jersey City Medical Center and stay there on assignments. The management team there is so easy to deal with and I have become really close with the staff. I have children at home and want to stay close by. Once they’re older, then I shall spread my wings and travel further.

When you have some down time, how do you utilize it? Meditating, interested in science and physics and cleaning the house when the kids are napping. I am very much in the thought of becoming more spiritually, mentally and physically mindful; it is so important to practice mindfulness.