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How much experience do I need to be a travel nurse?

The facilities that we partner with have different requirements but on average our Nurses are required to have 2 years of experience in the desired specialty in order to be considered.

Where do travel nurses work?

Travel nurses work where there is a need for staff that is otherwise not being filled. Our nurses enjoy working in hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes.

How much orientation will I get?

While each facility is different we aim to provide our nurses with optimal training and preparation for their position. Your recruiter can offer more insight as to facility specific orientation.

How long can I expect to be on assignment?

The average travel assignment is 13 weeks but there are rare cases where we have positions that are 8 weeks or 26 weeks in length. A few weeks prior to the end of you contract, your recruiter will reach out to see if you would like to extend.

How long does it take to get started? 

We aim to credential our nurses within a two week window. From the moment you are submitted for a position we will begin collecting your credentials and identify any gaps that need attention.